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BUENOS AIRES, March 22 (Xinhua) -- Argentina coach Gerardo Martino tried out a team without forward Gonzalo Higuain in a training session on Tuesday ahead of Thursday's match against Chile in the 2018 Russia World Cup South American qualifying tournament.

Now with a full squad, Martino set up a practice match where Barcelona striker Lionel Messi was accompanied by Manchester City forward Sergio Aguero and Paris Saint-Germain midfielder Angel Di Maria on his team.

Later on Tuesday Nike Shox R4 Tutte Bianche Scontate , Martino announced his starting lineup and despite being a top goalscorer in Italy's first division, Higuain, who plays for Napoli, was not included in the starting 11.

Argentina will travel to Chile on Wednesday where they will face the host team for the fifth match in the South American qualifiers.

It will be an opportunity for Argentina to get revenge for losing to Chile at the Copa America 2015.

On March 29, Argentina will then face Bolivia at home in the city of Cordoba.

Argentina are currently in the sixth place on the standings with five points Uomo Nike Shox R4 Bianche Nere Scontate , seven points behind leaders Ecuador.

Many business owners tend to overlook one of the best, free methods of internet marketing promotion available to them-writing articles. If you’re shrugging and thinking that you’re not a writer so you couldn’t possibly promote yourself in that way, take heart. You don’t have to be a writer. As long as you know your subject and can explain it in a reasonable way, you’re capable of marketing yourself with articles.

Internet marketing promotion is the key to your online business’ success, so you want to use every resource available to you. And articles are powerful little tools in getting your business in front of people who are interested in what you have to say. It’s very easy to get started.

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You’re going to get very specific with your internet marketing promotion very soon, but for right now take one or two topics you’ve come up with an actually write about them. You’ll want to aim for an article of 400 to 450 words, depending on the minimum of the depository like EzineArticles that you’re aiming it for. Just convey your knowledge on the subject Off-Bianche x Nike Air Presto Virgil Abloh Nere-Muslin Scontate , and write like you talk. After you’ve done a couple, it will get easier.

You want your internet marketing promotion to look as good as everyone else, so spell check your work and proofread it for errors. Add a brief author note at the bottom along with your link. Then submit the articles. Now that you’ve had a little practice, find an online keyword tool like the one Google offers for free, and think of some keywords that relate to your business.

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