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The Problems With Public Education December 2 Nolan Ryan Mets Jersey , 2013 | Author: Bonnie Contreras | Posted in Education
Parents, educators, college administrators and government officials all over the country are extremely concerned about the problems with public education. This debate has been raging for years, but is not closer to being corrected. In fact, in many states the standards may actually be getting worse.

It is practically impossible to assign just one reason to explain the problem. It is huge and very complex. There are factors from society in general, from the home and also from within the schools themselves. It has become all too easy to fall back on the standard answers of large class sizes and over stressed teachers. Yet there are many more forces at work.

Many of the complaints are about the qualifications of many teachers. They may have completed their requirements but are still not educated to the level of teachers in Europe or Asia. Many teachers are themselves a product of the failing system. They have never known anything else and never think to question why so many of their students are failing.

Large class sizes is one of the most frequently leveled criticisms with public schools today. Teachers cannot handle large classes and feel over whelmed. They may be a number of disruptive students in the room who make it almost impossible for the other students to learn. This is a very frustrating situation and one that has yet to be dealt with.

Many teachers and educational experts say that many parents are not actively engaged in their child’s education. In many successful countries parents are behind their children one hundred percent. Parents must be ready to make sure their child completes home work and studies for tests. They must also be ready to work hand in hand with teachers to give their children extra help at home whenever necessary.

Many teachers are simply not prepared to handle a class of thirty students. They lack the authority and skills needed to manage this large groups of children. A good teacher who really understands their obligation to their students is now quite hard to find. More teachers are worried about pushing their students through standardized tests and getting a good review. As the reviews are mostly written by administration from inside the school it is hard to break this system. Doing what is seen as politically correct has taken priority over actually educating the children.

After studying many schools and classrooms experts have also cited the issue of too much busy work. Busy work typically consists of worksheets designed to keep the students busy, but with no real educational value. They are often over used by harried teachers who want to keep their students quiet whilst they work with small groups. In many cases it may be a word search sheet or a fill in the blanks work sheet. These have little value and are often not even connected to the subject being studied.

When all the problems with public education are examined it may seem completely over whelming. For changes to be made educators need to begin in their class rooms. Engaging parents and showing them they are also a big part of their child’s success is a crucial first step.

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