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When developing a story or article Antonio Rudiger Jersey , aspiring authors often hear this writing tip: learn to incorporate the "who," "when," "where," and "how." But what often gets overlooked is the "why." Without examining why a story takes place, or why an article would be of interest to the reader, the entire writing experience can be a fruitless exercise.

* Why this character?

At a writing conference I once critiqued a manuscript featuring a character in a situation where you wouldn't normally expect to find him. When I wondered why he was there, the author answered, "He just is." "But how did he get there?" I asked. "One of the other characters put him there," the author stated. "Why?" I pushed. The author didn't have an answer.

If you arbitrarily think it would be cute to have a monkey, a doll, or a policeman as your story's protagonist, the reader's not going to care unless it makes sense to have that character inhabit your particular plot. And if a monkey shows up where he shouldn't be--at school, for instance--why he's there has to be an integral part of the story. But more than that, the reader has to know why this monkey is suddenly sitting in a first grade classroom. What's unique about the character that makes him the only monkey who could possibly appear in this book?

* Why this story?

Just as important as knowing why your character inhabits your book is understanding why this character experiences the conflict or problem that fuels the plot. Your readers have to believe this protagonist would encounter these obstacles, and not be able to resolve the problem in a few lines of text. Not every child is afraid of the dark Andreas Christensen Jersey , so if your character hides under the covers when the lights are out, plant something in her personality that causes this behavior.

How the plot conflict is resolved also harks back to "why." Why does your character take these particular steps, instead of an easier or more obvious route, to reach his goal? What fears, hang-ups or quirks does the character have to overcome to get what he wants? Would a child understand and care about these traits? Have you laid the groundwork in the beginning of the story so the reader believes the character could not possibly act any other way, thus never forcing the reader to question you in the first place?

* Why this article?

Virtually any nonfiction topic can hold a child's interest if it's presented in the right way. But first ask yourself why you're writing this article or book. Does it have a direct application to the experiences of your readers? Can it tie in with what they're learning in school? Will it enrich their lives in some way? If your motivations are clear, then take a hard look at your audience. Why would kids this age be interested in this topic? How can you present the material in a way that's entertaining as well as informative? If you find you're working hard to shape the information to fit a specific audience or format, perhaps you need to rethink your approach. Maybe you're trying to write too young, and the subject really requires an older reader. Or perhaps you assume middle graders will be fascinated with an animal alphabet book, but after researching other ABC books on the market, you learn they're really targeted to much younger children.
Author's Resource Box

Laura Backes is the Publisher of Childrens Book Insider, the Newsletter for Childrens Book Writers. For more about writing picture books, easy readers and young adult novels, and sending them to childrens book publishers, visit http:write4kids and The CBI Clubhouse (http:cbiclubhouse).

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Anyone who’s been an athlete – or even known an athlete – is familiar with the “no sensual activity before a game” rule. It has long been thought that giving in to the demands of an insistently tumescent male organ has a negative impact on a player’s performance – during the big game Alvaro Morata Jersey , that is. But does this old coach’s tale have any basis in reality, or is this a manhood care myth that future athletes need not ever encounter?

Just Say No

To be fair, part of the reason that athletes – professional as well as high school – have been told to say no to their tumescent male organ before a game or event doesn’t really have to do with sensual activity. They’re really being encouraged to spend the night (or week or month) before the game in a way that enhances their physicality. That means relaxing and getting to sleep early rather than going out on the town, drinking, getting little rest or getting into a fight with a girlfriend (as often happens). In other words, it’s about keeping the physical and mental state fit rather than fraught.

But there also is a big component of it that really is about sensual activity, stemming from a belief that engaging in sensual activity too close to a game will drain vital energies and juices from a man. (And it’s a belief that goes back at least to 444 BC, by the way.)


Why should this be? Because of an old belief that a man’s male seed contains a significant portion of his male energy, and that when male seed is depleted, a man simply has less energy. So the issue isn’t a man being tired from the energy expended on the sensual act itself, or from staying up late to engage in sensual activity – it stems from the actual release of male seed.

It’s easy to see why a person might come to this conclusion. After all, most men do indeed feel drowsy after sensual activity. But that’s not because all their male energy has left the body in their male seed; it’s because post-sensual activity, the body releases hormones that make it feel relaxed.


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