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Positivity is vital for individuals and organizations. Apathy in employees can kill a business. Conversely , positivity has been shown to elevate service standards, improve communication and business outcomes. When people feel optimistic, positive and hopeful they are much more likely to engage in the workplace. They are better leaders and managers, they get more done and they have a positive impact on those around them. This all has to do with their level of emotional intelligence.

Training is as Important as Innate Ability

Some people are naturally positive but we can all benefit from learning more about how to be more resilient, how to work through conflict and how to inspire others. This is what makes it vital to carry out emotional intelligence training for every level of the management. It is critical to understand others’ emotions in order to connect with them. Such training leads to an increase in productivity decrease in stress levels with its concomitant impact on personal health, and improved teamwork. Employees, who undergo emotional intelligence training, gain the skills that increase their personal performance and productivity and the organization gains individuals and teams that are solid, supportive and cohesive.

Emotional Intelligence is the key to effectiveness

Emotional intelligence is about getting the best out of yourself and others by:
• becoming more self aware and understanding the impact you have on others
• managing your emotions- particularly the negative ones, in an effective way by understanding emotional triggers and consequences
• motivating yourself by using techniques like learned optimism
• empathizing with others to better understand, connect and work with them
• honing your social skills so you can be as constructive and successful as possible.

Employees who are in touch with their own emotions and cognizant of the responses of others are generally more effective. A good manager must learn to understand how people react emotionally and how they can best channel these emotions in a positive way. They must be aware of how they impact others and how they can best engage and connect with their team members to help them reach their full potential.

We can all boost emotional intelligence by learning simple techniques and strategies during emotional intelligence training. Organizations that acknowledge and create accountability around the skills of emotional intelligence amongst their employees create an environment that fosters effective communication , positive attitudes, persistence and a natural support for others. These are the organizations that will prosper and succeed, particularly in this tough economic climate.
To some, cleats are simply shoes, but they are more, so much more than merely "shoes". Whether you are playing baseball, football or soccer, cleats can save you from falling, no matter the type of surface that you are playing on. The shoes themselves are usually plastic or at the higher end of play, leather. Plastic or metal studs are placed along the soul of these shoes to grip the playing surface. Different sports have different rules about the length or the material of the cleats- for instance, baseball does not allow metal cleats for their players because of the increased chance of contact between the players and therefore injury.

The wetter and muddier the playing conditions are likely to be , the longer the cleats need to be. Some sports employ cleats with combinations, a mix of long and short cleats for instance, or sometimes a blend of materials. Either way, the proper set of cleats can mean the difference between playing a game with success, or falling down and risking a serious injury. Of course, the cleats themselves pose a risk to the players, especially the metal ones. If a player falls down, the chance of the others falling on top of him, or running over him is high. If there is contact with an outstretched limb, the likelihood of injury is the highest in soccer because of the unprotected legs.

Because cleats provide good traction, there is some thought that the longer the cleat , the better they are, but that is simply not true. A cleat that is too long can stick into the ground causing the athlete to stop too suddenly, putting him at a higher risk or a knee or ankle injury. Sudden, unexpected stops can be hard on the neck as well, and could put a player at risk for a spinal cord injury even if he does not fall down.

Check with a local sporting good shop and make sure that you are fitted with the right cleats for the right sport. Make sure that they are properly fitted to your feet with the socks that will be part of your uniform. Make sure that you wear them outdoors for a while to get used to them before you try using them during an actual game. Cleats are a basic part of your equipment, and they can save a game or ruin a career, so be careful with them.
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