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The Employee Provident Fund (PF) is operated by an organization coming under Government of India. It is a social security organization which offers pension benefits to a large organized workforce in India. It has laid rules for categories of employees who can avail its membership. If you have a big workforce , your HR team should surely look after these guidelines:

1. Each employee employed in a factory or other setup where this PF scheme applies except an excluded employee, is entitled and should become a member of the Provident Fund, since the day the PF scheme comes into effect in such factor or setup.

2. Each employee which joins a company or establishment after the PF scheme comes into effect, is also required and can be a member of the Provident Fund, from the date of joining.

3. If an employee is again employed or a class of employees excluded according to paragraph 27 or 27A of EPF & MP Act 1952 for joining the PF or on expiry of cancellation of an order coming under PF scheme, each employee can then become a member henceforth.

4. Each employee, also a member of a private provident fund which is part of an excluded business setup and who could have been and continued as a PF member, might on joining an establishment wherein this scheme applies, become a member of the fund.

5. Irrespective of anything mentioned in this scheme, an officer equal to or above the position of Assistant Provident Fund Commissioner (APFC) , might on the written joint request of any employee of a factory or other establishment which follows this scheme and his employer, enroll the employee as a member or permit himher for contributing greater than Rs. 5000- of his salary per month if heshe is already a member of the fund, and thus this employee may be entitled to the advantages and shall be subject to the condition of PF, if and only if the provider gives a written undertaking that he will pay the administrative charges and shall follow all the statutory provisions with regards to the employee.

Withholding of membership: A PF member might continue as a member until heshe withdraws hisher PF amount.

Solving doubts: In case of any doubt about the entitlement or membership continuance of an employee, or about the date of membership entitlement, the Regional Provident Fund Commissioner (RPFC) decision will be final.

Amongst several firms providing Employee Provident Fund (PF) Management Services in India, Cnergyis is the leading one. It assists entrepreneurs in effective management of provident fund which includes filing of returns, forms and declarations prior to the prescribed time limit with the authorized department. It is designed to be compliant with the laws and rules of PF and ESIC which saves the companies from incurring penalties and eliminates cost. One of the most attractive features of an ecommerce business is the convenience that it offers to customers. While many shoppers still prefer the traditional brick-and-mortar stores where they can personally inspect merchandise, many others simply prefer shopping on the Web because they can do it from their home at almost any time of the day. With so many shipping and delivery options available these days for online shopping, ecommerce providers are poised to expand even more and further their customer base in years to come.
Digital firms offering ecommerce solutions such as Inhale (check out further information about them here) can guide you in preparing your online business or website to meet the demands and trends of ecommerce. While the ecommerce market has many similarities with the larger consumer market , it also has its own intricacies and methods that set it apart as well.
Ecommerce sites, particularly online shopping platforms, have been gaining ground when it comes to holiday shopping options offered to consumers. During holiday sales and seasonal shopping events, the malls and shopping centers are packed with shoppers who want to take advantage of the great prices and bargains. But many of the usual shoppers are daunted by the big crowds and the complications that come with them, such as limited parking, long lines at the registers, and traffic jams.
In recent years, ecommerce retailers have positioned themselves as viable alternatives to store sales, offering great discounts and bargains for much of the same merchandise offered in physical stores. Other come-ons such as free shipping (for purchases up to a certain amount) and extended warranties or return policies are proving to be popular among price-conscious online shoppers.
Online shoppers also like getting suggestions from ecommerce retailers. Your online business can create value-added packages or promos that combine two or more different products and services in one convenient purchase or order. This enhances their marketability to your customers, and also makes the order selection much easier for the online audience , which is also more mobile in nature.
A successful ecommerce venture would need reliable customer support. Customer service options can range from customer phone support, live chat, e-mail tickets, FAQ centers or knowledge forums, and other ways of interacting with customers. One limitation of online transactions is the lack of personal or face-to-face communication, but this can be easily mitigated with quick, reliable customer support that is always instantly available to your clients in case they have any queries or concerns.
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