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San Sebastian also known as Donostia-San Sebastian is the capital province of Gipuzkoa in the basque country, Spain. Surrounded by beaches this place is blessed with pristine beauty located on the Basque coast of northwest Spain 20 km away from the French border. Strolling on the La Concha beach, the most famous and usually packed in July and August with large number of tourists is simply amazing. It is larger on the west side with an island and boats in the bay. Those people who love sports and adventures this place is heaven for them. La Zurriola is on the east of the old town and river is very popular and mostly thronged by the tourists as it is a surf beach were you can simply get in and ride the Atlantic waves and enjoy the beach sports.

Another beach Ondarreta is also famous for surfing and adventure sports. If you want you can go for hiking on the top of the mountain between the beaches. Hire a kayak and try to measure the depth of the water. The city of Guipuzcoa is beautifully decorated with the breathtaking green mountain landscapes which attract attention of one and all. Going to this place and not visiting the museums and knowing its past history would be something like things done half heartedly. The Dominican monastery built in 16th century has remarkable collection of Basque artifacts from prehistoric times. The museum of San Sebastian is worth seeing.

Plaza Carlos Blasco de Imaz is an Oceanographic museum takes you to the underwater walkways and allows you to take glimpse of sharks, rays and other marine creatures. It also boasts of huge collection of numerous marine creatures kept in large tanks. The maritime museum shows the fascination of mankind towards the sea since ages with historical displays of naval artifacts, fishing gear and marine fossils.

San Sebastian has long known for its style and very conscious of the image formed since past gives way to the high-end shops with trendy boutiques filled with something which is off-beat or way-out designer gear. The Basque Cuisine is famous within Spain and San Sebastian is famous for its bar and restaurants. Every bar in San Sebastian burst with delicate looking Tapas which is usually enjoyed with a glass of wine or a small beer. The kalimotxo is a local drink made of 50% wine and 50% coca cola is very famous among the youngsters. The food available here is varied Cheap Philadelphia Phillies Jersey , one can go for Basque cuisine if not Chinese, German, Galician and Italian are also available. Some people enjoy the freshest seafood served in San Sebastian.

San Sebastian International Film Festival and International Jazz Festival are some of the biggest event which attracts not only the tourists but also the celebrities. There are some fine hotels here but not sufficient to accommodate the influx of tourists especially in the months of July and august to witness the unique candlelit ceremony, takes place to venerate San Sebastian's devastating 1813 fire. So reservation in advance is essential.
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