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New Balance kicks off 2017
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TEMA: New Balance kicks off 2017
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New Balance kicks off 2017

new balance 420 shoemaker New Balance is inspiring people this year with a campaign that highlights several high-profile athletes, including Olympian Boris Berian, tennis champion Milos Raonic and X Games gold medalist (and MIT-educated architect) Alexis Sablone, writing “Letters to My Future Self".

he letters are augmented by long and short new balance 996 videos of the athletes reading them. Berian’s shows a child running on the beach – supposedly himself in younger days – then the letter starts and shows Berian working at a fast food restaurant as a line cook, which he did while training and struggling hard to get to the top levels of athletics.

new balance 998, a new opportunity for self-improvement and presents that iconic moment for athletes and individuals around the world to redefine personal ambitions, motivations and sense of purpose,” said Chris Davis, New Balance vice president of global marketing.

“At air jordan pas cher, our marketing is a reflection of our values, so we created the ‘Letters to My Future Self’ campaign to showcase the true individuality, grit and unparalleled persona of our world class athletes. Through their own words, reflections and inner strength, they inspire athletes everywhere to unrelentingly pursue the best version of their future self.”

Sablone, a gifted skateboarder and architect, sees the world through a unique lens and fearlessly embraced that difference and made it her own which took her to the medal stand at the X Games five times.
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